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All 6 Softcover Books (English)

All 6 Softcover Books (English)

Get all six of our paperback books designed for ages 7+

this package includes:

The Orange Shirt Story
Author: Phyllis Webstad
ISBN: 978-0-9938694-9-5

Dawn Flight: A Lakota Story
Author: Kevin Locke
ISBN: 978-0-9938694-2-6

Raven’s Feast
Author: Ḵung Jaadee
ISBN: 978-0-9938694-2-6

Medicine Wheel: Stories of a Hoop Dancer
Author: Teddy Anderson
ISBN: 978-0-9938694-0-2

The Sharing Circle
Author:Theresa “Corky” Larsen-Jonasson
ISBN: 978-0-9938694-4-0

Trudy’s Rock Story
Author: Trudy Spiller
ISBN: 978-0-9938694-8-8

Package ISBN: 978-1-989122-50-1

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