The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game

The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game

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Subject matter includes abuse, violence, assault, suicide, death, abduction, racism, sexism, classism, and cultural genocide. The contents of this activity are based on real events in Canadian history that may be emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with. This activity is crafted as a guide to help people engage bravely, empathetically, and thoughtfully with difficult content.

The TRUTH is HERE! Are you up for the Challenge?

This Educational Board Game includes an Indigenous educator-created Guide Book that supports teachers and all others in learning even more about the Truth of what took place on Turtle Island, and a graphic novel written and illustrated by board game creator James Corbiere called Tales of The Firekeeper. These powerful resources are designed to educate but are not just for students and teachers — we all have a role to play in Truth and Reconciliation.   

The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game is an essential educational resource that gives participants an immersive learning experience of the process of colonization in a board game format. Through Truth and Consequence Cards, participants can explore iconic Canadian historical events in this immersive, thought-provoking, TRUTH-telling educational board game. As an Indigenous participant, your goal is to circle Turtle Island to collect four Eagle Feathers before being stripped of your Land, Language, Culture, and Identity by the policies and actions of the Church and the Crown. Collect all Four Feathers and you are a SURVIVOR!

The Educational Board Game creator, James Darin Corbiere (Waabi Makoohns, Bear Clan) was born and raised in Wii kwem koong, Ontario, on “Da Rez”. James is a childhood church trauma survivor, who became a peace keeper (police officer) and later, an Indigenous language teacher. He combines his knowledge of colonial systems and his lived experience with his artwork to create a way in which others can bear witness to the effects and impacts of colonialism, and its impact on Indigenous people in Canada.

Created to answer the TRC Report “Calls to Action,” this powerful resource will become an essential tool for every educator, ally or anyone who seeks the Truth, and a great way to start conversations about the work of Reconciliation.

The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game. Authentic, Original, Indigenous.

*All elements of this board game have been credibly sourced.*

Author and Illustrator: James Darin Corbiere
Box Size: 12x12
Ages: 14+, 2-9 players
ISBN: 9781778540356

 Poster and Pamphlet:


Unboxing with game creator, James Darin Corbiere:

James Darin Corbiere explains the Truth in Truth and Reconciliation game:


 And Coming Soon… the “Reconciliation Board Game” Stay tuned!



“Eye-opening, engaging, and impactful.” - PhD, University of Victoria

“An expertly crafted experience. Thoughtful, heartbreaking, and enriching.” - PhD Candidate, University of Victoria

“It brought a new way of engaging with difficult history. I felt opened to asking questions and reflecting more than I had in other learning formats." - Anonymous



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