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The Corn Chief Package

The Corn Chief Package

The Corn Chief Package (Book, Lesson Plan and Poster)

With the wizened old chief set to step down, young Linny dreams of being chosen as his replacement. As she struggles to pass his test, Linny learns with the help of her family what it really takes to become the most unexpected way.
is story is told with the help of traditional corn husk dolls.

Corn dolls protect the home, livestock, and personal wellness of the maker and their family. Corn husk dolls have been made in some Indigenous cultures since the beginning of corn agriculture more than one thousand years ago, and continue to be made today


This package includes: 

The Corn Chief
ISBN: 978-1989122-90-7

The Corn Chief, Lesson Plan
ISBN: 978-1-989122-42-6

The Corn Chief Poster

    Karen Whetung
    Illustrator: Lindsay Delaronde

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