January 2020 Book Store Of The Month.

January 2020 Book Store Of The Month.

Book Store

Karen Mah


We Interviewed the owner of 'Inspiring Young Minds To Learn', Karen Mah about her book store, here is what she had to say:

Q.) What sets your store apart from other bookstores?

“I think it's important to support local businesses and local bookstores because behind every locally owned business is a family. When people support a local business, they are helping support a local family who in turn will put their money back into the community. The local businesses will support your fundraisers and raffles. We will donate goods, time and money to worthy causes in our communities.”

Q.) What’s something really special that sets your store apart from other bookstores?

“I think what really sets my store apart is that I truly listen to the customers. They come in with ideas for resources and I will make it my mission to find it and bring it in. I get emails and messages with amazing ideas and I take those ideas to bring new and fresh product into the store! I donate to schools and community functions. I believe that this store is needed in the community and the support for the store is very encouraging!”

Q.) Why do you think it’s important to have Indigenous resources in your store?

“Before I opened my store in June 2018, I asked teachers and educators what was needed to support the curriculum and the overwhelming answer was Indigenous resources. So I made it my mission to search out books in English and French that I could have on hand at the store. We currently have over 60 titles on hand in the store and that number is growing every week! It is so very important that children of all ages learn about our past so that the mistakes are not ever repeated again. The books can be difficult content to read but they are necessary for all kids to read and understand.”

Q.) Whenever I go into indie bookstores the employees always seem to know literally everything about every book ever created, how is this possible, what's your secret?

Whenever we get new books, I always read them to understand how I can help someone use them in their classroom. It's been a lot of reading and research but well worth it!

Check out 'Inspiring Young Minds to Learn's' website or visit their store at 830 Albert St, Regina, Saskatchewan to learn more

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